Editorial Departments:

AFAR inspires and guides travelers to have deeper, richer, and more fulfilling experiences. Community | Where the AFAR community comes together. We feature recommendations from, in addition to reader comments on stories from previous issues.

Our Picks | AFAR presents new hotels, gadgets, books, events—and anything else that catches our eye.

Wander | The first section of the magazine inspires travelers with expert recommendations on where to go next and where to find the finest goods from around the world. Within Wander readers will find a colorful range of stories, such as:

  • Mix | A visual exploration of the world’s similarities and differences.
  • Wandering … | Follow tastemakers—chefs, designers, musicians—to their favorite destinations and find out how they travel beyond the surface of the place.
  • Our Picks | We browse the world’s markets and share the gadgets, apparel, home goods, and other finds that catch our eye.
  • One Great Block | Get to know a city by taking a deep dive into its most interesting streets.
  • Where It’s At | A guide to a destination that’s giving travelers lots of new reasons to visit.
  • Next Stop | The off-the-beaten-path places you should add to your itinerary.
  • Precious Cargo | The finer things in life that are worth traveling for.
  • Before Sunrise | A guide to the world’s best nightlife.
  • Roads Less Traveled | Memorable road trips in destinations around the globe.

Spin the Globe | AFAR chooses a destination at random—by literally spinning a globe—and sends a writer on a spontaneous journey. The writer travels without an itinerary, and relays the adventure in a first-person dispatch.

Mix | A visual exploration of the world’s similarities and differences.

Highlights | Experiential travel moments captured by members of the AFAR community.

Resident | A local introduces readers to the people, places, and stories of his or her neighborhood.

Feast | An in-depth exploration of dishes,that serve up a sense of place. Plus, a guide to where to eat them.

Stay | The latest from the world of hospitality: new hotels, the best home rentals, and must-do experiences.

Guide | Key service information about how to best experience the destinations featured in each issue of AFAR, including hotels, restaurants, local products, and must-do experiences.

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