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General AFAR Info:

Q. How do I contact someone from AFAR?
A. Visit our contact page.

Q. Is AFAR hiring?
A. Visit our jobs page.

Q. I’m having a problem that’s not on this list. What should I do?
A. Don’t worry, there’s always someone here to help you! Email community@afar.com if you have a question that’s not answered here.

AFAR Magazine:

Q. I have a question about AFAR magazine subscriptions.
A. Click Here to get information on print and digital subscriptions, back issues, and more.  You can also access our online Magazine Customer Service 24/7, or call us toll-free 1-888-403-9001.

Q. How do I find magazine content online?
A. You can find content from the magazine and web-only bonus content updated daily at afar.com/afar. The complete magazine is available for your tablet and online reading from Zinio.com. However Zinio has its own subscription fee, which is unrelated to the printed version of AFAR Magazine.

Q. How can I see my work published in AFAR Magazine?
A. There are two ways to get your work published in AFAR Magazine; by sharing your trip Highlights on AFAR.com and by making a formal submission.

We pay close attention to the content on AFAR.com and often publish Highlights in the magazine. The best Highlights reveal a particular experience and the place where travelers can relive it. We look for well-composed, interesting images, intriguing titles, and meaningful descriptions. Up your chances by reading tips on Good Highlights and then upload your Highlights! We’ll email you if yours has been selected for publication.

If you are a journalist interested in submitting content for any section of the magazine, follow our submission guidelines.

AFAR Mobile

Q. Where can I download the mobile app?
A. You can download for iPhone here and for Android here.

Q. What can I do on the mobile app?
A. Everything you can do on the site! Browse great travel experiences from AFAR travelers and AFAR magazine. Upload your own to share with the AFAR community. Save Highlights into your existing Wanderlists or create new ones on the fly.


Sign Up/Sign In:

Q. How do I sign up for AFAR.com?
A. Go to the Sign Up page. We’ll ask you to provide your name, email, a password, and current city, or you can choose “Connect with Facebook.”

Q. What happens if I “Connect with Facebook”?
A. If you click the blue “Connect with Facebook” button you won’t need to enter your email or password to log in. If you are just joining AFAR, we’ll use the same email as your Facebook account for your AFAR login, but you’ll be able to set a new password if you’d like. Connecting with Facebook does not automatically share anything other than your login information with AFAR.


Q. What is the Activity Feed?
A. When you log in, the first page you will see is your Activity Feed. Here you’ll find a chronological feed of what’s happening on AFAR.com. This page shows recent activity for all posts or just on topics you’re following and we let you filter what you see—just Questions, just Highlights, or both.


Q. What does it mean when I “follow” something?
A. When you follow a topic, location, question, or AFAR travelers you will see posts by them on your Activity. You will also receive notifications (or emails, depending on your preferences) when questions are asked about these topics or there is new activity relating to them.

Q. How do I follow locations and topics I’m interested in?
A. You can follow anything you find interesting by hitting the purple “Follow” button. Mouse over a location, topic, question, or user and the Follow button will appear. On the right side of your Activity you can also type in new topics, locations, users, and questions you want to follow.

Q. How do I see/edit what I’m following?
A. On the right side of your Dashboard you will see everything you’re following in one place. To un-follow something, mouse over it and click the X that appears.


Q. What can I post on my profile?
A. Tell the AFAR community about yourself! Let us know your areas of expertise, where you’ve been, and where you’re planning to go.

Q. Can I update/change my profile information?
A. Yes. We encourage all users to keep their profiles up to date. When you’re logged in, click on your name at the top of the page, choose Profile from the drop-down menu and then click Edit. You can change your photo, Current Info, Knowledge & Experience, History, Places, and Personal Info all from this page.

Q. How does AFAR use my information to connect me with other members?
A. We do the sorting for you by using information such as your locations, interests, and Travel Personality to find travelers who are similar to you. You will see questions and suggestions based on the profile information you share, the questions you answer, and the items you’re following.

Q. How do I add locations to the map on my profile page?
A. Edit your profile to include more locations, and it should automatically add these locations to your profile map. To do this, log in, hover over your name at the top of the page, select Profile from the menu, and then select Edit. If you don’t see the icons on your map right away, don’t worry. They should appear soon.


Q. What is a Highlight?
A. Highlights are very simple in structure: a photo, title, short description and location (map) of a great travel experience. But this simple structure supports a wealth of information—and that’s what makes Highlights unique. They’re not just the pretty pictures you see with any number of photo-sharing services; the best Highlights reveal a particular experience and the place where you can relive it.

Q. What do I write in the description of my Highlight?
A. Writing about your Highlight is your opportunity to share your experiences and inspire other AFAR travelers. Think of the Highlights as a mini-journal from your travels where you save great experiences. Also think of Highlights as a guide and inspiration for other AFAR travelers. So include personal stories with practical details that will help others experience something similar in that location.

Q. How much can I write in my Highlight?
A. Our Highlight tool allows you to enter up to 1,500 characters (and a minimum of one character). That’s the technical range, but the possibilities are endless. The more insights and actionable details you share, the richer your AFAR experience will be. If you run out of space, you can always create multiple highlights within a trip.

Q. Who sees my Highlights?
A. Everyone on our network of like-minded travelers on AFAR can see the Highlights you post. AFAR editors also regularly look at Highlights for potential inclusion in the magazine. If they see something they want to publish, they will message you.

Q. How do I upload a Highlight?
A. At the top right of the navigation bar click “Post Highlight”. Select one of your existing Trips (or create a new one by clicking the arrow) and add a location. Type an exact address in the location field or the title of a well-known place (i.e., Golden Gate Bridge) and select the corresponding map. Then upload your photo, give it a title, and provide a description. Click Post this Highlight and you’re done! Upload a Highlight now!


Q. What is a Wanderlist?
A. A Wanderlist is a collection of Highlights, yours and/or others’, that is curated in a meaningful way. Wanderlists can be organized by place (New York City) or passion point (Nightlife), or both (Best Bars of the Big Apple).

Q. How do I create a new Wanderlist?
A. You create a Wanderlist by saving Highlights, either your own or others’. While in a Highlight detail page, click on the SAVE button and choose one or more of the lists in your drop down menu, or create a new Wanderlist.

Q. How many Highlights can I have in a Wanderlist?
A. As many as you’d like! We encourage at least six, but a Wanderlist can be created with one Highlight and can exist with hundreds.

Q. If I delete a Wanderlist, will I delete all the Highlights within it?
A. No. Highlights belonging to other users will exist within their Wanderlists and Highlights you created will remain within your “All my Highlights” Wanderlist.

Q. If I save someone’s Highlight to my Wanderlist, will this user be notified?
A. Yes. Unless they have changed their email preferences, users will receive an email notifying them whenever someone likes, saves, or shares their Highlights.


Q. How do I ask a question?
A. Login to AFAR.com, hover over the arrow by your name, and you’ll see a link that says Questions. On this page, you’ll see all the questions we think you might be able to answer (“For You”), all the questions you’ve asked or answered, as well as private messages. There is an “Ask a Question” button at the top right.

Q. How do I answer someone’s question?
A. Click the blue “View/Answer Question” link at the bottom right of every question.

Q. After I ask a question, where does it go?
A. We will send an email to travelers who have been to that location before. Most questions have at least 50 travelers who may be able to answer your question so you should hear back soon.

Q. How do you pick the suggested questions “For You” on my profile?
A. The “For You” questions are suggested based on your profile content (where you live, your Travel Personality, locations you’re following, and so on). If you change your profile it will affect the questions you see. So we suggest you update your profile regularly with places you’ve been or want to go. Your input will fine-tune the range of questions you receive.

Q. The questions I’m receiving seem unrelated to my travel experiences. Why am I getting these?
A. The questions are suggested to you based on your profile content as well as questions you’ve answered in the past. We are working on refining this process and apologize if you receive questions about locations outside your area of expertise. If you continue to receive questions that don’t apply, send us feedback at community@afar.com.

Q. How do I send a private message?
A. Go to the user’s profile page, At the top, near the profile photo, click the button “Ask a Private Question.”

Q. How do I see my private message inbox?
A. Go to your profile page and click on Questions. Here you’ll see questions in the categories “For You,” “You Asked,” “You Answered,” and “Private.” Just click on the Private tab to view your inbox.

Q. I’ve gotten some great responses to my questions, and I would love to thank people who answered. How do I do this?
A. We highly encourage AFAR members to engage with each other and say thank you when they receive advice. You can message the user directly, or go to your original question and under their answer hit the blue “Add/View Replies” link. Here you can thank the person or ask a follow-up question. You can also hit the green “Good Answer!” button to signal to other readers that you liked someone’s response.


Q. How do I change my email preferences?
A. Under your name on the navigation bar at the top, you’ll find a drop-down menu. Click on your name and select Preferences. Click on Email Notifications to select/deselect items on the list.

Q. What happens when I decided to “share” AFAR on Facebook?
A. The link to AFAR.com will be posted on your wall, so other friends can follow our link to join. If you see that a friend on Facebook is posting to or talking about AFAR, enter their name in our search bar and subscribe to their feed!

Q. After I’ve invited my friends to join AFAR, how do I find them?
A. You can connect with any user by entering their name into our search bar and finding their profile.