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General AFAR Info

Q. How do I contact someone from AFAR?
A. Visit our contact page.

Q. Is AFAR hiring?
A. Visit our jobs page.

Q. I’m having a problem that’s not on this list. What should I do?
A. Don’t worry, there’s always someone here to help you! Email community@afar.com if you have a question that’s not answered here.

AFAR Magazine

Q. I have a question about AFAR magazine subscriptions.
A. Click Here to get information on print and digital subscriptions, back issues, and more.  You can also access our online Magazine Customer Service 24/7, or call us toll-free 1-888-403-9001.

Q. How do I find magazine content online?
A. You can find content from the magazine and web-only bonus content updated daily at afar.com/magazine. The complete magazine is available for your tablet and online reading from Zinio.com. However Zinio has its own subscription fee, which is unrelated to the printed version of AFAR Magazine. The magazine is also available via the Apple Newsstand app.

Q. How can I see my work published in AFAR Magazine?
A. If you are a journalist interested in submitting content for any section of the magazine, follow our submission guidelines.


Sign Up/Sign In

Q. How do I sign up for AFAR.com?
A. Go to the Sign Up page. We’ll ask you to provide your name, email, a password, and current city, or you can choose Connect with Facebook.

Q. What happens if I “Connect with Facebook”?
A. If you click the blue Connect with Facebook button you won’t need to enter your email or password to log in. If you are just joining AFAR, we’ll use the same email as your Facebook account for your AFAR login, and we’ll import your profile photo. You’ll be able to set a new password if you’d like. Connecting with Facebook does not automatically share anything other than your login information and profile photo with AFAR.


Q. What can I post on my profile?
A. Tell the AFAR community about yourself! Let us know your areas of expertise, where you’ve been, and where you’re planning to go.

Q. Can I update/change my profile information?
A. Yes. We encourage all users to keep their profiles up to date. When you’re logged in, click on your round avatar at the right of the nav menu, select My Profile from the drop-down menu, and then click Edit. You can change all the fields from this page.


Q. What is a Place page?
A. A Place page is a collection of information about a great travel experience at a specific location, such as a museum, a restaurant, or a beach. A Place page consists of a title, one or more photos, one or more descriptions, and practical information such as a map, address, and website. This simple structure supports a wealth of information—and that’s what makes Places unique. They’re not just the pretty pictures you see with any number of photo-sharing services; the best Places reveal a particular experience and the location where you can relive it.

Q.  Why can there be multiple photos and descriptions?
A. To make Place pages as useful and comprehensive as possible, descriptions and photos uploaded by users about the same location are “rolled up” into a single Place page. So for example, instead of multiple Place pages for Central Park, there is a single Place page that consists of material uploaded by different users. One description is set as the default, and the rest appear below in the More Highlights section. The photos appear as a slideshow.

Q. Who can upload a Place?
A. Anyone! If the location already exists on AFAR.com, your photo/s will be added to the Place page slideshow, and your description will appear under More Highlights. (It could also become the default description; this is determined automatically by rules incorporated into the site.) If the location does not already exist, a new Place page will be created. Either way, the content you upload will be accessible via your profile page.

Q. How do I upload a Place?
A. There are two ways:
1. At the right of the navigation bar, click on your round avatar and then select Create a Place from the drop-down menu. Upload a photo; type an exact address or the name of a well-known place (such as Central Park) in the location field, and select the location in the resulting map; give the Place a title; write a description (up to 1,500 characters); select a category; add a relevant URL if you want. Click Post and you’re done! The website will automatically add your content to an already existing Place page, or create a new one, whichever is appropriate. Create a Place now!
2. If you know the location you want to write about already exists on AFAR.com, go to the Place and scroll down to the More Highlights section. Click on Add Highlight to add a description, and Add Photo to add a photo. You can add multiple photos by this method.

Q. What do I write in my Place description?
A. Uploading a Place is your opportunity to share your experiences and inspire other AFAR travelers. Think of it as a combination of a journal snapshot from your travels and a guide to help other users travel more meaningfully. Include personal stories with practical details that will help others experience something similar in that location.

Trip Plans

Q. What is a Trip Plan?
A. A Trip Plan is a collection of Places—uploaded by you or by others—that can be organized however you want: by location (New York City), by interest (Nightlife), or by a combination of both (Best Bars of the Big Apple). Trip Plans are a way for you to collect and arrange Places in a meaningful way to help you plan your travels. AFAR is regularly adding new functionality to Trip Plans to make them even more useful.

Q. How do I create a new Trip Plan?
A. There are two ways:
1. To the left of your profile avatar (at the top-right of the page) is a red button that says Plan Your Trip. Click this button, and give your Trip Plan a descriptive name (e.g. Japan, or Tokyo Ramen Spots). If you have already created one or more Trip Plans and you want to create a new one, click the arrow at the right of the red button and select Create a New Trip.
2. From a Place page that you want to add to a new Trip Plan, click the red Add to Trip button to the right of the Place photo. If you have not yet created any Trip Plans, this will prompt you to create one. However, if you have already created one or more Trip Plans, and you want to add this Place to a new Trip Plan, then click the arrow to the right of the red button and select Create a New Trip. (Simply clicking Add to Trip, and not the arrow, will add this Place to your currently selected Trip Plan—see below.)

Q. How can I see the Trip Plans I have created?
A. To the left of your round profile avatar at the top-right of the page is a red button that displays your default—currently active—Trip Plan. To see a list of your other Trip Plans, click the arrow at the right of the button. View Trip takes you to that Trip Plan page (where you can edit it if you want), and Make Default makes this Trip Plan your currently active one. You can also access a list of your Trip Plans by clicking on your profile avatar and selecting My Trip Plans from the drop-down.

Q. How can I add a Place to a Trip Plan?
A. Click on the red Add to Trip button to the right of the Place page photo. This adds the Place to your currently active trip, which is displayed up top in the red button to the left of your profile avatar. If you want to add the Place to a different trip, click on the arrow at the right of the Add to Trip button and select the Trip Plan to which you want to add the Place.

Q. How many Places can I have in a Trip Plan?
A. As many as you’d like! We encourage at least six, but a Trip Plan can be created with just one Place and can exist with hundreds.

Q. If I delete a Trip Plan, will I delete all the Places within it?
A. No. Places exist independently of the Trip Plans to which they belong.

Q. If I add someone’s Place to my Trip Plan, will this user be notified?
A. Yes. Unless they have changed their email preferences, the user who wrote the default Place description will receive an email notifying them that their Place has been added to a Trip Plan.

Destination Pages

Q. What is a Destination Page?
A. A Destination Page is a carefully curated selection of Trip Plans, Place pages, and practical information about a popular travel destination. This destination could be a city, such as Paris, a region, such as Napa Valley, or a country, such as New Zealand. Destination Pages are put together by AFAR Local Experts or editors, and are an invaluable resource for discerning travelers looking to plan their next trip.

Interest Pages

Q. What is an Interest Page?
A. An Interest Page is like a Destination Page where the Trip Plans and Places are organized around a theme—such as family travel, business travel, or getting off the grid—rather than a location. Although still practical, these collections are more for travel dreaming and inspiration than trip planning.

AFAR Mobile

Q. Where can I download the mobile app?
A. You can download for iPhone here and for Android here.

Q. What can I do on the mobile app?
A. Everything you can do on the site, and more! Browse great travel experiences from AFAR travelers and AFAR magazine. Search for local Places near you right now that are recommended by others. Create your own custom Trip Plans and download them so they are accessible even when offline. Upload your own Places while traveling so your insider tips can inspire others.

Connect with AFAR

Q. How can I connect with AFAR?
A. Through email newsletters, FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest, and Google Plus.

Email Newsletters

Q. What newsletters can I sign up for?
A. Weekday Wander is sent Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and includes inspirational travel content based around a theme. Weekend Wander is sent every Saturday, and is compiled from stories from AFAR Magazine.

Q. How do I change my email preferences?
A. When you’re logged in, next to your avatar on the navigation bar at the top you’ll find a drop-down menu. Select Email Preferences. From here you can edit your email and notification settings.