Thank you for your interest in contributing to AFAR! We rarely accept unsolicited pitches for our magazine, but actively seek pitches for Before you get started, search for past articles so you don’t pitch something we’ve already covered. Then read these guidelines for further instructions. Happy pitching!


AFAR is a multi-platform travel media brand that inspires and guides travelers to have deeper, richer, and more fulfilling experiences—whether on a yearlong odyssey, a two-week vacation, a weekend getaway, a business trip, or a Sunday afternoon in their own city. Our mission is to inspire and guide travelers who seek to connect with people, experience their cultures, and understand their perspectives. AFAR knows that the best travel adventures often happen when you step off the beaten track or open yourself to the unexpected.


AFAR’s primary readers are discerning, highly educated professionals who are curious, engaged, active citizens of the world. They place a lot of value on experiences and connections that touch them personally. They seek authenticity in people, places, and things in all facets of their lives, but they find a special thrill in doing so through travel. And they travel a lot, both for work and for pleasure.
AFAR readers are fearless explorers of the world and are often the first people to experience a neighborhood, restaurant, or hotel. They enjoy venturing off the beaten path, especially in places that are on the beaten path. As such, pitches about popular destinations should always assume our readers have been there before and aim to introduce them either to somewhere deeper within that destination or to a new way of looking at that destination.


Please familiarize yourself with We have two main content channels, our Travel Guides and our Inspiration Channels. Our digital editors are actively soliciting pitches that fit in our Inspiration Channels; you can find examples of these stories below. Travel Guide content and anything similar to guide content (i.e., roundups of new hotels or restaurants in a certain city) is written by our Local Experts and handled by our phenomenal Guides team. Our Guides team is not currently looking for new Local Experts.
We also have an amazing dedicated team of news editors who cover our daily destination and industry news—from museum openings to new airline routes to world events. They are not currently accepting pitches.

Be sure to take note of how often we’ve covered your destination or topic in the past six months. If we’ve covered it a lot, chances are we won’t have a need for it again this year.  A quick site search (or, pro-tip, a Google search) before you pitch us is always a good idea. Similarly, if multiple outlets have covered your destination or topic in the same way, it’s probably not a good fit for AFAR.

Finally, our digital content is often pegged to the seasons. Please only pitch for upcoming seasons: pitch fall content between May and August, winter content between August and November, spring content between November and February, and summer content between February and May. We will sometimes assign pitches for a season while the season is underway, but we prefer you pitch ahead of time.

Due to the high volume of pitches we receive, we cannot respond to every pitch. Do trust that we review each one, however. If you don’t hear from us within 14 days, please feel free to pitch the idea elsewhere.


Spotlights on Emerging Destinations and Experiences
A focus on up-and-coming destinations, surprising new experiences, or lesser-known but worth-a-visit neighborhoods, cities, islands, regions, and countries. These pieces usually include street-level recommendations for what to do, and why. They are often—but not always—pegged to a timely event like an anniversary or a notable opening.

The Tokyo Neighborhood You Need to Know
The Azores Are the Perfect Island Getaway—and They’re Closer Than You Think
You Don’t Have to Surf to Fall in Love With This Bohemian Moroccan Beach Town
What It’s Like to Sleep on a Glacier in Denali’s New (and Only) Luxury Lodge
The Tiny Florida Island Where Old Key West Is Hiding

Deeper Cultural Exploration
Stories that cast a light on culture—its history, its quirks, its nuances, and its trends—around the world.

Intimate Portraits of Women Who Live as Men in Remote Albania
Searching for the Next Aleppo Pepper in Brooklyn Heights
Five Ways to Vacation Like the French
In Guadalajara, Young Designers Are Putting a Modern Spin on Traditional Ceramics
The Wild Story of Manuka, the World’s Most Coveted Honey

“How to” Stories
A practical/philosophical approach to travel and what you need to know about local customs around the world. These stories can be entirely service oriented or incorporate personal anecdotes. They are never personal narratives.

How to Avoid an Embarrassing Spa Experience Abroad
How to Order Coffee in Australia (and Actually Get What You Want)
How to Rent a Dream Villa in Italy
Tips From a Sign Language Interpreter for Overcoming Language Barriers
How to Survive a Trip When Your Travel Partner Is Your Complete Opposite

Pro Tips for Upgrading Your Travel Experience
Expert travel hacks, tips, gear advice, and intel for frequent, busy travelers.

How to Get Elite Treatment From Your Hotel Without Elite Status
8 Unspoken Rules of Public Transportation Around the World
5 Tips for a Stress-Free Visit to the Louvre
What You Get for Flying a Million Miles on an Airline
The Gorgeous Gear You Need to Set Up This Summer’s Dreamiest Campsite

Thematic Roundups
Collections of fascinating, inspirational, and/or on-trend places, destinations, travel experiences, or pieces of gear that our readers should get excited about now. Roundups generally consist of 5-10 (though sometimes more) entries and are often seasonal. If multiple other outlets have published similar lists, it’s probably not right for AFAR.

Travel Trends
Reported out pieces that examine different facets of trends—hot new destinations, increasingly in-demand experiences, and the ways people are traveling now—and explore why these trends are popular NOW. These pieces should be supported by facts, statistics, historical context, and expert insights, including interview quotes.

This Company Is Reinventing the Expat Experience for Women
A New Biometrics Test Aims to Uncover Your True Travel Desires
The Future of the Great American Road Trip Is Electric
Cheese Tea: The Bizarre Drink to Order Next Time You’re in Shanghai (or San Antonio)
Preserving Peru’s Ancient Culinary Legacy, One Forgotten Ingredient at a Time
Travelers Are Going Nuts for Vegan Vacations (Even the Omnivores Want In)


  • Detractor stories (worst, slowest, ugliest, meanest)
  • Unseasonal and mistimed stories
  • First-person narratives from new writers
  • Stories that are culturally insensitive
  • Stories for which appropriate photography will prove difficult to acquire
  • Vague ideas like: I’m going to Tokyo, would you like a story?
  • Stories pegged to a press trip. We do not provide assignment letters.
  • Unsolicited manuscripts
  • Unsolicited pitches for our magazine
  • Stories that are too conceptually similar to content we already have


Read this far? Pitch hits all the right notes? Fantastic. We want to hear from you.

To make your pitch stand out, it should answer these questions:

  • Why AFAR?
  • Why Now?
  • Why You?

And include:

  • At least one snappy headline suggestion
  • A 100-word pitch for why a certain place or experience is prime for coverage now
  • An idea of how you propose to structure or format the story
  • An estimated word count. Word count is typically between 700–1,200 words. Exceptions may be possible, depending on the story.
  • An indication of whether you can provide images, either your own or sourced from elsewhere, and from where you plan to source them
  • A bio and links to at least three (3) recent published stories with your pitch (if it’s your first time pitching us)

Send your pitch to In the subject line of your email, please note the section of you think your pitch is best for.


  • Pay is competitive for digital articles.
  • You may be required to undergo multiple rounds of feedback and queries. You may also be required to source images.

Good luck!