Thank you for your interest in contributing to AFAR. Below you will find descriptions of the magazine departments for which we accept queries. (We do not accept pitches for sections not listed here, e.g. features, essays, etc.) Due to the high volume of queries we receive, it is only possible to review those that fully adhere to the requirements below.

Before you get started, search for past articles so you don’t pitch something we’ve already covered. Then read these guidelines for further instructions. Happy pitching!


AFAR’s mission is to inspire and guide travelers who seek to connect with people, experience their cultures, and understand their perspectives. AFAR knows that the best travel adventures often happen when you step off the beaten track or open yourself to the unexpected. So, while other travel magazines tell their stories through itineraries, AFAR tells its stories through people, allowing readers to explore authentic local cultures from the inside out.


AFAR’s primary readers are curious, engaged, active citizens of the world—college-educated men and women who have good jobs and high incomes. They are looking for experiences and connections that touch them personally. They are also looking for authenticity in people, places, and things. They seek these values in all facets of their lives, but they find a special thrill in doing so through travel.



Wander, our front of book section, is all about curious things happening around the world—everything from off-beat destinations and fresh takes on places you already know to unusual experiential adventures, both intentionally and domestically—that are told with enthusiastic, colorful, often first-person reporting. You can refer to recent issues for a better idea of rubrics we tend to use, but here are some staple rubrics that you can expect to see in almost every issue:

One Great Block: these pages take a focused look at a block of a neighborhood that is having a moment and generally include 5-6 locations ranging from stores and bars to restaurants and beyond. 

Near & Afar: various news item from around the world that relate to travel and local experience. Generally these pieces are around 100 words each and relate to local experience and new developments occurring in the month of the issue’s release. 

Wandering Chef: Chefs or other artisans who know the ins and outs of a particular destination and have a unique perspective on it. We have featured everything famous composers who record in Iceland to sommeliers with an obsession for a certain region. Foremost, these personality are highly informed on the area and have an unusual point-of-view on the area. 

Your Pitch:

If you have a specific idea for Wander, please e-mail your query to Include WANDER (in all capitals), samples of your previous work, and have patience as we receive a lot of pitches.


In Resident, a local introduces readers to the people, places, events, and stories of his or her neighborhood, revealing what connects this person to the place in which he or she lives. In addition, the resident offers his or her insider’s picks for intimate points of interest to guide the reader who might visit there.

The main text will be a first-person, 500-word essay told in the subject’s voice (based on an interview transcript) on why the resident lives where he or she lives, capturing the emotional relationship to the place and the people there. The essay should use the resident’s stories about neighbors, interesting and unexpected historical details, and personal descriptions to evoke the spirit of the place and invite the reader in.

The sidebar will be made up of eight to ten of the resident’s favorite places, people, and attractions in the neighborhood. Each point of interest will be accompanied by brief, one- or two-sentence captions that use quotes and personal details from the resident to show what is special about the inclusion.

The ideal resident has an intriguing connection to his or her neighborhood, is someone our readers can identify with, and is based in a place readers want to visit. The resident doesn’t have to have been born in the proposed neighborhood, but they must be native to that country. No ex-pats, please. He/she can work or live in the featured neighborhood.

Your pitch:

If you have a subject in mind for Resident, please formulate your proposal with AFAR’s mission and editorial priorities in mind. Please include the following.

  • A three-sentence writeup detailing the proposed resident’s job and how the person is connected to his or her neighborhood.
  • 10 neighborhood highlights that he or she would recommend. (Bear in mind that all the places we highlight must be within easy walking distance of each other, about 1 mile maximum.)
  • E-mail your query to Please include RESIDENT (in all capitals) as the subject line along with the name of the person and their neighborhood, city, and country. (e.g.: RESIDENT – Batman Zavareze, Jardim Botânico, Rio di Janeiro, Brazil).
  • Please paste your pitch in the body of the e-mail.
  • Include samples of (or links to) relevant published work, especially any profiles or interviews that you’ve done.


AFAR’s Feast department focuses on a dish that’s specific to a city or region, providing insight on the dish’s history and significance in the local culture. The piece also provides information on where to sample the dish within its home country as well as a step-by-step recipe.

Your pitch:

If you have an idea for Feast, please formulate your proposal with AFAR’s mission and editorial priorities in mind, and include the following:

  • A brief explanation of why the dish has a strong connection to the local region and culture it comes from, not exceeding three sentences. This should touch on how the dish explains local traditions, or how it offers historical/cultural context relevant to a place.
  • Description of a recipe that the writer has access to
  • A list of at least three places to sample the dish.
  • E-mail your Feast query to Please include FEAST (in all capitals) in the subject line, as well as the name of the dish and where it comes from (e.g.: FEAST – Hortopita, Greece)
  • Please paste your pitch in the body of the e-mail.
  • Include samples of (or links to) relevant published work.