AFAR Promotes Two to VP 

AFAR // February 2017

Markey and Kinkade help steer AFAR to its best year on record. Read more.

AFAR Expands Staff and Adds New Hires

AFAR // February 2017

AFAR kicks off 2017 with an expansion of key personnel after record setting 2016. Read more. 

AFAR Wins 2016 Folio and Lowell Thomas Awards

AFAR // November 2016

AFAR garners awards and continues its reign as travel’s most critically acclaimed media brand. Read More.

AFAR Travel Vanguard Awards

AFAR // November 2016

AFAR reveals 10 visionaries making travel better. Read More.

Terrorism Fears Up Stakes for Tourism as Europe Travel Falls ‘Off a Cliff’

CNBC // August 2016

Joe Diaz weighs in on traveling in the wake of terrorism. Read more

These Companies Offer Paid Vacation … and Pay For Your Vacation

CNN Money // July 2016

AFAR’s travel stipend program is featured in an article highlighting vacation benefits. Read more

5 Bad Reasons Not to Travel

Refinery29 // July 2016

Joe Diaz gives his perspective on traveling without fear. Read more

How Travel Writing Evolved Into Travel Blogging, and What Brands Get From Both

Adweek // July 2016

Kate Appleton shares how AFAR partners with brands to create custom content with a distinct, personalized tone. Read more

Surprising Destinations Top “Where to Go 2016” List

Fox News // June 2016

Jennifer Flowers gives AFAR’s most-surprising picks for where to go in 2016. See more

The Rust Belt Heats Up As A Hot Travel Spot

CBS This Morning // June 2016

Jennifer Flowers shares tips for visiting America’s industrial heartland this summer. See more

AFAR Magazine Owner Invites Trump For Trip To Jordan, Egypt, And Dubai

Travel Market Report // June 2016

Travel Market Report highlights Greg Sullivan’s recent letter to likely Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Read more 

Rio Olympics Are A Bargain Amid Zika Scare and Political Upheaval

Yahoo!News // June 2016

Aislyn Greene shares insight on travel to Rio de Janiero ahead of the Olympic Games. Read more

National Parks Take Center Stage In Consumer Media Summer Travel Features

Travel Market Report // May 2016

AFAR’s May/June issue is highlighted in an article on summer travel features. Read more

North America’s Hidden Travel Hotspots

CBS This Morning // May 2016

Jennifer Flowers reveals under-the-radar destinations in the U.S. for a variety of travelers. See more

Hot Summer Music Festivals Are Gearing Up

The Today Show // May 2016

Jennifer Flowers shares her top picks for summer festivals. See more

Thinking About Going to Cuba This Summer? Here’s How to Do It

NBC News // April 2016

Joe Diaz shares his insight on travel to Cuba. Read more

The Startup Helping Low-Income Students See the World

CNNMoney // April 2016

Joe Diaz discusses Learning AFAR’s mission and impact. Read more

Should You Travel To Europe Right Now?

Buzzfeed // March 2016

Joe Diaz discusses the importance of traveling after tragedy, and gives advice for planning a trip to Europe and beyond. Read more

Top Spring Break Destinations

FoxNews Edge // March 2016

Danielle Walsh discusses trends and ideas for spring break travel. Read more

10 Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Cuba

 PopSugar // March 2016

Joe Diaz shares his advice for traveling to Cuba. Read More

March to Newsstands: What Consumers Are Reading This Month

Travel Market Report // March 2016

AFAR is mentioned in TMR’s monthly round-up of what consumers are reading. Read more

Travel Smarter, Easier With These Tips

WGN // March 2016

Andrew Richdale shares advice on booking travel more easily. Read more

Get the Early Word on Paiche, the Quickly Ascending Peruvian Restaurant Near OHSU

Eater // March 2016

AFAR’s Portland Guide is mentioned in an article about a new Peruvian restaurant in the city. Read more

The Best Cities To Visit While Vacation Solo

CBS This Morning // March 2016

Jennifer Flowers shares her top picks for the best destinations for solo travelers. Read more

8 Unique Wedding Gifts Every Couple Will Love

Refinery29 // March 2016

AFAR is recommended as a gift for newlyweds who love to travel. Read more

6 Travel Gurus On How To Make Coach Feel Like First Class

Harper’s Bazaar // February 2016

Danielle Walsh shares her tips on how to make the most of an economy flight. Read more

Should you avoid travel to areas affected by the Zika virus?

The Los Angeles Times // February 2016

Julia Cosgrove discusses traveling to destinations impacted by the Zika viruses. Read more

The 25 Places You Must Explore in 2016

Buzzfeed // December 2015

AFAR Media’s 2016 “Where to Go” picks are featured in Buzzfeed’s round up of must-travel destinations in 2016. Read more

New Orleans, Portugal Top Most Visited Destinations of 2015 

New York Daily News // December 2015

New Orleans and Portugal are top picks from AFAR’s list of Where to Go in 2016. Read more

Paris Attacks Create A Dilemma For Travelers

NPR // November 2015

Joe Diaz discusses traveling in the wake of the Paris attacks. Read more 

Joe Diaz at Travel Leaders National Meeting

Joe Diaz speaks with Perry Lungmus at the Travel Leaders National Meeting in November. See more

Choosing a Vacation Mystery Trip

The New York Times // November 2015

In an article about surprise travel, AFAR is noted to have named the trend “the new luxury” in its 2015 June/July Travel Vanguards issue. Read more

New And Improved Hot Beach Destinations For Your Winter Vacation

Forbes // October 2015

Julia Cosgrove shares her top winter travel destinations. Read more

Spooky Halloween Destinations Sure to Scare Up Some Fun

The Today Show // October 2015

Jennifer Flowers gives her picks for spooky experiences around the U.S. See more

Fun Fall Getaways

Wake Up With Al // September 2015

Jennifer Flowers shares great getaways for the fall.


Don’t wander around aimlessly, use Travel Guide by Afar

AppAdvice // August 2015

“The Travel Guide by Afar packs great information into a sleek, intuitive interface. It is simple to navigate, the details for locations are good, and the essentials you need to know before you get there are useful to have and keep handy.” Read more

6 Up-and-Coming Trendy Travel Destinations

Harper’s Baazar // July 2015

Julia Cosgrove shares her picks for travel destinations to hit before they catch on. Read more

Trips for Every Type of Traveler

Wake Up With Al // July 2015

Jennifer Flowers recommends the best trips for a variety of travelers, from singles to parents to empty-nesters. See more

20 Stunning Getaways You’ll Want To Take Now

Refinery29 // July 2015

Refinery29 featured photos from AFAR’s Instagram to create a list of gorgeous getaways. Read more

I Tried The  Surprise Travel Trend For My Honeymoon

Harper’s Bazaar // July 2015

Inspired by AFAR’s Spin the Globe feature and the new trend of surprise travel, writer Serena Renner tried a mystery trip for her honeymoon. Read more

Here’s What It’s Like to Travel to Greece Right Now

Business Insider // July 2015

Business Insider shares Jeremy Saum’s recap of his recent trip to Greece. Read more

Afar Magazine and Switzerland Tourism Use Native To ‘Dream, Plan, Go’

AdExchanger // June 2015

AFAR and Switzerland Tourism partnered to create AFAR Journeys, a custom native program to help readers plan and book travel more easily. Read more

2015 Trending Travel Spots

Wake Up With Al // June 2015

Joe Diaz talks with Al Roker about trending travel destinations in 2015. See more

Why Surprise Travel is the Latest Vacation Trend to Try

Harper’s Bazaar // June 2015

Julia Cosgrove shares why surprise is the new luxury for your next getaway. Read more

Balancing Church-and-State In Custom Content

Folio // June 2015

AFAR is taking a different approach to keep custom content aligned with its brand voice. Read more

7 mind-blowing Instagram accounts

CNBC // June 2015

AFAR’s Instagram was listed as one of seven can’t-miss accounts, “perfect for anyone looking to do their own traveling, or for the person who wants to add a little cultural diversity to their social media life.” Read more

Can travel agents thrive by partnering with travel media companies — and vice versa?

Tnooz // May 2015

AFAR Media continues to push the boundary between media company and travel curator with its latest program, AFAR Journeys. Read more

AFAR Media Teams With Switzerland Tourism For Travel Platform

MediaPost // May 2015

MediaPost discusses the launch of AFAR’s newest program, AFAR Journeys. Read more

The Daily Edit – Jeffery Cross: AFAR

aPhotoEditor // May 2015

Jeffrey Cross shares his experience photographing AFAR’s Mix section for its May issue. Read more

Why Afar Is Dipping Its Toes Into the Travel Business

Folio // May 2015

AFAR is finding new ways to take its customers from inspiration to action including its newest program, AFAR Journeys. Read more

Escape to Lake Tahoe, San Juan Islands for Memorial Day

The Today Show // May 2015

Joe Diaz shares great getaways for Memorial Day Weekend. See more

Best Dining Destinations

Wake Up With Al // May 2015

Jennifer Flowers shares her picks for the best places to travel to eat around the world.


These Companies Will Pay for Your Vacation

Bloomberg // May 2015

AFAR offers an annual travel stipend for employees to travel to any international destination they haven’t visited before. Joe Diaz credits the program with bringing more authenticity to the content in the magazine. Read more


Beyond the Fairy-Tale: How to Tell Real Stories for Real Travelers

DigMe // May 2015

Joe Diaz describes his 2011 trip to Cairo and how it impacted both him and AFAR. Read more

The Daily Edit – Kyle Johnson: AFAR

aPhotoEditor // May 2015

Kyle Johnson shares a behind-the-scenes recap of photographing Kauai for AFAR’s May issue. Read more

Travel New and Now: Hipster Hotels, Dude Ranches, Nicaragua

Associated Press // May 2015

AFAR shares its picks for best hipster hotels in America. Read more

What It’s Like To Vacation In Cuba

Harper’s Bazaar // April 2015

Joe Diaz shares his account of landing in Cuba the day U.S. travel sanctions were lifted. Read more

Take A Journey To Mexico’s Colonial Heartland // April 2015

AFAR shares places to visit in Mexico’s colonial heartland. Read more

How To Make A Travel Mag As Visually Appealing As The Destinations

Fast Company // April 2015

“Most travel magazines are like clichéd old tourist postcards. Not the new AFAR.” Read more

Here’s What You Should Know About Going to Cuba

Details // April 2015

Joe Diaz weighs in on the pros and cons of visiting Cuba. Read more

Great Spring Getaways

Wake Up With Al // March 2015

Joe Diaz shares unexpected places to visit this spring. Read more

Winter weather prompts readers to reach for travel magazines

New York Post // March 2015

“Afar magazine is not your everyday destination read. And that’s a very good thing.” Read more

How to Make Money as a Travel Writer

Yahoo Travel // February 2015

Joe Diaz discusses travel writing and what AFAR looks for when selecting writers to create content. Read more

Danielle from AFAR – San Francisco

Murmur // February 2015

Danielle Walsh shares what she loves about living in San Francisco and her favorite bars and restaurants in the city. Read more

Friday Fives: Joe Diaz of AFAR Magazine

The Infatuation // February 2015

Joe Diaz gives his top picks for eating and drinking around San Francisco. Read more

Embrace Winter Travel

Wake Up With Al // February 2015

Joe Diaz shares how to take advantage of the cold weather on your next trip. Read more

2015’s Emerging Destinations with AFAR

CBSN // February 2015

Joe Diaz shares his picks for up-and-coming destinations to escape winter. Read more

Thinking of a trip to Cuba? Make sure you’re up for a ‘raw’ adventure

Los Angeles Times // February 2015

Joe Diaz discusses his recent trip to Cuba and says visiting the country now is for the most adventurous travelers. Read more.

Is Cuba Set For a Tourism Boom?

CNN // January 2015

Joe Diaz discusses the potential impacts of increased the tourism in Cuba.


7 Things to Know Before You Travel To Cuba

Latina // January 2015

After a recent trip to Cuba, Joe Diaz shares things to know about traveling to the country. Read more

New rules on Cuba travel: What if you want to go right now?

Los Angeles Times // January 2015

With new regulations going into effect today, Joe Diaz and Greg Sullivan are traveling to Cuba to experience the shift firsthand. Read more

5 Cheap and Healthy Places to Visit in the US

Shape // January 2015

Davina Baum shares the great U.S. destinations to plan a getaway—right now. Read more

Travel Expert: Hotels in Cuba Are Already Filling Up

CNN International // January 2015

Joe Diaz gives insight on what Americans need to know before traveling to Cuba. See more

Escape to a Warm Weather Destination

Wake Up With Al // January 2015

Joe Diaz shares destinations to escape the cold this winter. See more

Tourism to Cuba is Still Illegal for Americans, but Here’s How to Do It

Mashable // January 2015

Joe Diaz advises on planning a trip to Cuba. Read more 

Island Gems Highlighted in US Magazine

The Royal Gazette // January 2015

As part of an integrated marketing campaign with AFAR, the Bermuda Tourism Authority created a video series to tell Bermuda’s story through the eyes of locals. Read more

A Conversation With AFAR Marketing Director Lily Soysal

Pink Pangea // January 2015

Lily Soysal discusses her travel philosophy and her role at AFAR. Read more

Top 2015 Destinations

Wake Up With All // January 2015

Joe Diaz shares where to go in 2015.


Why Travel to Cuba?

USA Today // December 2014

Joe Diaz recommends traveling to Cuba sooner rather than later with the help of a travel agent, tour operator, or adviser. Read more

Tourism Industry Gears Up For Lifting of Cuban Travel Ban

NPR // December 2014

Joe Diaz discusses how normalizing diplomatic relations with Cuba will impact travel to the country. Read more

What to Expect on Your First Trip to Cuba

Quartz // December 2014

Joe Diaz gives input on what to expect when traveling to Cuba. Read more

When Will American Tourists Be Able to Visit Cuba?

FOX 5 New York // December 2014

Joe Diaz advises on how to prepare for a trip to Cuba. See more

How Travel To Cuba May Change

The New York Times // December 2014

Joe Diaz discusses potential changes to travel to Cuba after the announcement that the U.S. will work to restore diplomatic relations with the country. Read more

New Print Magazines Are Embracing Narrative and Finding Their Niche

Nieman Storyboard // December 2014

AFAR’s focus on experiential travel and innovative digital approach are noted as part of its success as a new print magazine. Read more

Five Reasons to Travel More in 2015

U.S. News and World Report // December 2014

Joe Diaz gives his top reasons to travel and shares tips to make the most of a vacation. Read more

10 of the World’s Best, Most Beautiful Hikes

ABC News // December 2014

AFAR compiled a list of the world’s most beautiful hiking destinations. Read more

Travel Top 10: Most Gorgeous Hikes (for “Wild” Fans)

Mercury News // December 2014

AFAR recommends stunningly beautiful hikes around the world. Read more

Best Airports To Be Stuck In

Wake Up With Al // November 2014

Joe Diaz explains that when traveling being stuck is just a mindset, and gives his best airports for travelers.

Best Last-Minute Flights To Take, Because Eff Thanksgiving

Refinery29 // November 2014

Jeremy Saum shares good reasons to take a vacation over the Thanksgiving holidays. read more

How to Get the Best Travel Deals This Holiday Season

NEA Member Benefits // October 2014

Julia Cosgrove advises on booking holiday travel. read more

Up close with Afar Magazine: How two publishing newbies found the road to travel brand success

FOLIO // October 2014

Joe Diaz and Greg Sullivan share the key lessons they learned launching a travel magazine. read more

Spend Halloween in the Spookiest Cities

Wake Up With Al // October 2014

Joe Diaz talks about the scariest cities in the U.S.

Going the Distance: The Story of AFAR as Told by Its Co-Founder/CEO Greg Sullivan

Mr. Magazine // October 2014

Greg Sullivan shares the “unlikely story of AFAR Media” at the ACT 5 Experience in Oxford, Mississippi. read more 

Out of Your Comfort Zone: Memoirs From a Young Travelers First Time Abroad

Yahoo! Travel // October 2014

Christopher Mejia shares his thoughts and experiences after traveling to Costa Rica with Learning AFAR. read more

New iOS 8 Widgets Make These Five Travel Apps Even Better

Los Angeles Times // September 2014

AFAR has enhanced its mobile app for iOS 8, including the ability to add AFAR travel guide information to the “Today” window. read more

Bucket List Brigade

Travel Weekly // September 2014

Julia Cosgrove reveals her travel bucket list. read more

Wake Up With Al: Great Fall Getaways

The Weather Channel // September 2014

Joe Diaz shares the best getaways to see fall foliage.


New AFAR iOS 8 Mobile App

Travel Daily News // September 2014

“AFAR Media, a leader in experiential travel, is one of the first companies to incorporate the added features of iOS 8 into the design of their app, making the AFAR app easier and more efficient for its users.” read more

A Luxury Travel Guide

DuJour // September 2014

Joe Diaz discusses his favorite hotels and travel secrets. read more

Autumn Adventures: Trips For Fall That Won’t Break The Bank

The TODAY Show // September 2014

Joe Diaz shares ways to celebrate fall around the U.S. read more

‘Wake Up and Win’ With ‘GMA’

Good Morning America // September 2014

AFAR is collaborating with Good Morning America to send one grand prize winner on a safari in South Africa. read more

Travelers heading to North Korea despite the risks

CNBC// September, 2014

Julia Cosgrove discusses what draws travelers to places few other people visit. read more

Culture Dose: Passport Power

Seattleite// September, 2014

Seattle students get global exposure, thanks to a trip abroad with Learning AFAR. read more

The 60-second interview: Joe Diaz, co-founder and chief product officer, Afar Media

Capital// September, 2014

Joe Diaz on AFAR Experiences and connecting to people and places. read more

Apps I Live By: AFAR media co-founder Joe Diaz September, 2014

AFAR Media co-founder Joe Diaz shares the apps that help him connect with locals abroad and stay in touch with loved ones back home. read more

What to Do in NYC for Labor Day

Good Day New York, Fox// August, 2014

AFAR Media Deputy Editor Jen Murphy talks about enjoying New York City over Labor Day weekend. watch video

Labor Day Weekend Getaways

The Weather Channel// August, 2014

“Afar Media Co-Founder, Joe Diaz, gives us the best last minute Labor Day Weekend travel spots.” watch video

Williamsburg Charter School students return from Costa Rica

News 12 Brooklyn// August, 2014

Learning AFAR: “Ten high school students from Williamsburg Charter School in Bushwick recently returned from a trip to Costa Rica.” watch video

Best Layover Airports

CBS News//August, 2014

“Joe Diaz, co-founder of AFAR magazine, joins Up to the Minute to tell us about airports that are offering new experiences for travelers.” watch video

AFAR Media’s Trajectory: Self-Funded, Bi-Coastal, Profitable

FishbowlNY// July, 2014

“This summer, at the five-year anniversary mark and with the August/September issue having just hit newsstands, AFAR has arrived at profitability.” read more

How to Vacation Like a Millionaire—Without Spending More than $200 a Night

The TODAY Show// July, 2014

“Joe Diaz, co-founder of Afar Media, has five getaways that offer all the luxury of an expensive resort in a dream destination — but cost under $200 a night.” watch video

Most Jaw-Dropping Destinations in U.S.

The Weather Channel// July, 2014

“Joe Diaz from AFAR Media shows the most fascinating places to visit in the United States…” watch video

Experiential Is All the Rage in Travel Media These Days

Skift// July, 2014

“In five years since its launch, AFAR Magazine has risen to the top echelon of the B2C travel magazine industry, and they did it right out of the gate with a focus on travel off the mass tourism grid…” read more

How Two Guys Launched A Print Magazine During The Recession And Managed To Succeed

Fast Company// July, 2014

“When Greg Sullivan and Joe Diaz decided to launch a travel magazine, people thought the idea was crazy…” read more

Trips Abroad for Low-Income Students Show the Power of Travel

Mashable// June, 2014

Learning AFAR: “High-school student Deisy Cedeno had never ventured far from her home in South Bronx, New York, before embarking on a journey to the Amazon rainforest…” read more

Travel Style: Joe Diaz

Johnny Jet// June, 2014

“Want to know how to travel in style, just like the pros? We check in with frequent fliers to find out how often they fly, their favorite destinations and what they never leave home without…” read more

Greg Sullivan and AFAR Magazine: Five Years of Going Against The Odds And Making It In The Print Business

Mr. Magazine// June, 2014

“Passionate, caring and extremely open about what it takes to keep a travel magazine growing and sincerely true to its mission and brand; Greg Sullivan – Co-Founder and CEO, AFAR Media – talks about the wild and challenging ride of AFAR Magazine over the last five years and how “far” (pun intended) they’ve come…” read more

Fun Trips For Families Of All Ages

The Weather Channel// June, 2014

“Joe Diaz gives tips for family summer vacation destinations including RV road trips, concerts, and touring museums. Cruise lines and beaches are also a fun solution…” watch video

Apps and sites to help you travel like a local

WGN-TV// June, 2014

“The Co-founder of AFAR Media, Joe Diaz, joins WGN Morning News…” watch video

Custom Content Drives Big Revenue for Media Brands

Media Shepherd// May, 2014

“For AFAR, the print-and-digital media brand that bills itself as an “experiential travel guide,” custom content (what some call custom publishing) constitutes almost 40 percent of the company’s revenue….” read more

Travel Magazine Goes ‘Native’ With Lodging Collection

NY Times// May, 2014

“It’s spring again, as the song goes, and birds on the wing again start to sing again the old melody. Also starting to sing again at this time of year are marketers gearing up their annual efforts to reach consumers who are making travel and vacation plans, particularly for the summer…” read more

Wake Up With Al: Travel Desintations May, 2014

“AFAR Magazine’s Joe Diaz joined ‘Wake Up With Al’ to talk about some of the best travel destinations to go to this time of year…” watch video

Best travel apps

CBSNEWS// April, 2014

“Joe Diaz, Co-founder of AFAR Magazine, shares sites and apps you should use to enhance your travel experience…” watch video

Hot Type to Go: Is the Print Travel Magazine Dying? Two Editors See Open Horizons

Frommer’s// April, 2014

“The future of the physical, non-virtual travel magazine is on travelers’ talking lists lately. The recent shake-ups at Condé Nast Traveler and its subsequent high profile relaunch has spurred debate—is the travel magazine in its old school glossy, print format dead? The Editors of Delta Sky and AFAR magazines don’t think so. Not by a long shot…” read more

Joe Diaz, AFAR Co-founder speaks at Social Media Week about “The Rise of Social, Mobile, and Tech in Travel Media” March, 2014

Listen here

Dream Destinations: Winter Olympic Cities Past and Future

GLAM// February, 2014

“This evening marks the beginning of the 22nd Winter Olympic Games, being held in Sochi, Russia and running until February 23rd. In celebration of this global event, we’re taking a look back at some of the most incredible winter Olympic cities of the past, as well as a peek at 2018′s destination to be, with the help of the leaders in experiential travel, AFAR Media…” read more

Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson Is AFAR Creative Director

MinOnline// February, 2014

“AFAR, which will celebrate its fifth anniversary in August, remains in a personnel expansion mode. A highlight is the hire of creative director Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson…” read more

AFAR Launches New Travel Awards

The Daily Beast// January, 2014

“Choosing your next travel destination can be a stress-inducing project—beach or mountains? Explore a big city or go off-the-grid for a digital detox? How are you supposed to choose?” read more

Web Buzz: Let AFAR Travel Guide inspire and lead you

LA Times// January, 2014

“The AFAR Travel Guide offers things to do crafted by experienced travels, or customize your own guide for on- or offline use…” read more

AFAR Conversations: Media Pros Talk Tourism

FishBowl NY// January, 2014

“Younger generations of travelers want to have authentic travel experiences where they feel like locals, a trend called “experiential travel,” said panelists at AFAR Magazine‘s Conversations event last night…” read more

Planning Your Next Trip? Start With These Travel Guide Apps

POPSUGAR// January, 2014

“The travel magazine AFAR just launched its newest travel guide app (free), which wants to help you plan a memorable trip…” read more

Q&O: The Luxury of Travel & Connection with Joe Diaz, Co-Founder of AFAR Media

The O Group// January, 2014

“Today I’m talking with Joe Diaz of AFAR Media. Joe and his co-founder, Greg Sullivan, came out of Teach for America, started travelling together, and soon realized there wasn’t a player out there talking about travel in a meaningful way…” read more

The Daily Beast’s 2013 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

The Daily Beast// November, 2013

“The halls are decked and snow is in the air…it’s time to get your Santa on! The Daily Beast rounds up the best gifts for all of your loved ones—even those impossible to please…” read more

Westin Hotels Uses AFAR Readers to Share Local Insights November, 2013

“Westin Hotels hooked up with AFAR Media this year to launch Westin Finds, detailing local travel experiences specific to the destinations where Westin operates…” read more

AFAR Media Hires New Creative Director

Newsday// September, 2013

“Julia Cosgrove, VP and Editor in Chief, AFAR Media, announces that Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson will be joining AFAR as Creative Director, effective October 21, 2013….” read more

Exploring Málaga, from the Phoenicians to Picasso

New York Times// September, 2013

“Growing up, Joe Diaz, a founder of the travel magazine and Web site Afar, visited his father’s birthplace, Málaga, the Spanish port city along the Mediterranean, nearly every year…” read more

Moleskine Salons: Sidesteps & Serendipity – Joe’s Story

Moleskine// September, 2013

“We invited fans to join us for an evening of personal travel stories told by extraordinary individuals. This is Joe’s story….” read more

Multi-Platform Strategies for Mid-Market Publishers

Folio// September, 2013

“Media brands, big and small, exist in an ever-changing marketplace. Despite size, fundamental business strategies for success remain universal…” read more

Crowdsource Your Next Vacation With These 8 Sites

Mashable// August, 2013

“The days of planning your vacation through faceless, text-only travel reviews are over. No more sifting through countless guides for desired cities; no more scrolling through generic tips on travel websites that may or may not have been planted by PR….” read more

Website of the week:

SFGate// August, 2013

“Travel experts and locals share individual experiences of cool places, things to do and places to eat, shop and stay when traveling…” read more

Westin Hotels links up with AFAR in content partnership

Tnooz// August, 2013

“‘Westin Hotels & Resorts has tapped travel brand AFAR to bring insider travel tips to their guests before and during their trips. The initiative, Westin Finds from AFAR, takes AFAR’s signature style and selection of meaningful experiences, and brings them into a fully-branded experience for Westin guests to explore… read more

Afar Editor Julia Cosgrove Travels The World For Salt And Stinky Cheese

Food Republic// January, 2013

“‘Travel is the antidote to fear,’ says Afar Editor-In-Chief Julia Cosgrove with Miyagi-like clarity. ‘When you get out of your comfort zone and go somewhere unfamiliar that might be a little scary for whatever reason, you will have a transformative experience. You will learn, and grow…’ read more

Reading (and Composing) ‘Wanderlists’ With an App

The New York Times// December, 2012

“Browsing through, the user-generated online travel guide, is like chatting with a group of well-traveled friends. Users post such passionate descriptions and beautiful photos of destinations that you want to follow in their footsteps… read more

Wanderlust: Things That Will Make You Pack Your Bags

CultureFphiles// December, 2012

“Afar creates thoughtful content for travelers and wanderlusting individuals who lean towards world history, independent art scenes, and nature’s beauty. Their target audience is the anti-tourist tourist, those who are eager to learn how to best immerse themselves into their host’s culture, and not stand out like a throbbing hang nail.
.. read more

Travel Tip Tuesday – AFAR Wanderlists

Misadventures with Andi// November, 2012

“The AFAR Hightlights and Wanderlists written by travelers and local experts have become my new addiction because I can build them out any way I want and when my lists become too big, I can begin to create new lists! It allows me to organize things to do and places to eat for literally everywhere in the world.
.. read more

Afar rides high in sea of travel magazines

News & Tech// November, 2012

“Put two serial entrepreneurs in the middle of India for six weeks with no itinerary and what do you get? A travel magazine, of course.When co-founders Greg Sullivan and Joe Diaz decided to launch Afar in 2009, they knew they wanted to take a different approach to stand out among a sea of travel magazines.
.. read more

Capturing the Global Citizen

Folio// November, 2012

“Today, a new publication might launch digitally, forgoing a print component. But just three years ago, when Afar, a media brand that caters to a special breed of experiential travelers who like to immerse themselves in a region’s culture, it was the magazine format that founders Greg Sullivan and Joe Diaz used to pull their audience together.
.. read more

J’adore – AFAR Wandering Chef

Misadventures with Andi// October, 2012

“Back in 2008 when I started this blog I was pretty convinced that Anthony Bourdain had my dream job. But now that I have had time to reflect on it, I am pretty sure it is Jen Murphy of AFAR.
.. read more

Johannesburg: The new Williamsburg?

Global Post// October, 2012

“Greg Sullivan, founder and CEO of AFAR, a travel magazine and website, earlier this month led a group of well-heeled tourists with the specific aim of exploring all sides of Johannesburg.
.. read more

AMC 2012 Conference Highlights

MPA// October, 2012

“Joe Diaz, co-founder of AFAR magazine, discussed his magazine’s ground-breaking “Spin the Globe” franchise. In every issue, the editors pick an exotic destination at random and send a writer there with as little as 24 hours’ notice… read more

Hot 30: The Bay Area Visionaries Shaping Our Future

7×7// October, 2012

“Many a life-changing epiphany have emerged from ashram-filled, curry-laced backpacking trips through India, and the one that formed itself on a beach in Goa for friends Greg Sullivan and Joseph Diaz is no exception… read more

AFAR gibt sein Debüt am Kiosk

DNV Online// October, 2012

“Im August hatte eMedia de Launch des Reisemagazins AFAR angekündigt – nun liegt die erste Ausgabe im Handel… read more

The Daily Edit – Thursday 10.18.12

A Photo Editor// October, 2012

“Design Director: Jane Palecek, Director of Photography: Tara Guertin, Art Director: Jason Seldon, Photographer: Joao Canziani read more

Come Dine with the Locals

Times Live// October, 2012

“Travellers in our increasingly globalised world are demanding more unique experiences. International travel company AFAR Experiences is offering these… read more

The AFAR Foundation – Providing Experiential Travel for Youth of Low Income Families

The Traveler// October, 2012

“I believe that travel is fun, educational, and most importantly, a transformative experience. I recently chose to be a proud sponsor of the Afar Foundation because I strongly believe in it’s core principle that travel is the best form of education… read more

Electing to Escape

New York Post// October, 2012

“AFAR offers a new approach to travel, which is more than a catalog of places to visit and stay. The mission is more bold, with stories meant to impart a greater sense of place and cultural experience… read more

Iceland & AFAR October, 2012

“I am a huge fan of AFAR magazine and so I am so honored that a photo and short article about my Nordic Adventure are included in their What We’re Reading column this week!… read more

Johannesburg event focuses on S. Africa’s people, culture

Travel Weekly// September, 2012

“San Francisco-based media company Afar Experiences is launching a four-day event in Johannesburg to connect travelers with the South African city’s politics, arts, architecture, food, design, business and anthropology, among other characteristics… read more

AFAR Named Best Travel Magazine in America; Honored for Outstanding Online Travel Journalism

Society of American Travel Writers// September, 2012

“Category 3: Magazines (17), 3A — Travel Magazines, Gold: Afar, Julia Cosgrove, Editor-in-Chief… read more

In the Magazines: September 2012

Fathom// September, 2012

“AFAR — On the Cover: Tom Downey searches out Naples’ best artisanal tailors in hopes of better understanding one of the city’s oldest art forms… read more

What We’re Reading

The New York Times// September, 2012

“Afar: The pastry chef Jansen Chan discovers the pleasures of honey cake and stuffed cheese bread in Moscow. — Jeff Gordinier read more

Travel Style: Jen Murphy

Johnny Jet// September, 2012

“Want to know how to travel in style, just like the pros? We check in with frequent fliers to find out how often they fly, their favorite destinations and what they never leave home without… read more

AFAR Media Offers Commission on AFAR Experiences Event in South Africa

Travel Pulse// September, 2012

“AFAR Media, publisher of AFAR travel magazine, is planning an experiential travel event, AFAR Experiences South Africa, in Johannesburg, Oct. 8-11, 2012…read more

Journey To Johannesburg For An Immersive Experience

Very Short List// August, 2012

“Today’s Very Short List by Julia Cosgrove, editor in chief of AFAR…read more

Afar Media Makes Executive Changes

FolioMag// August, 2012

“Three-year old Afar is taking advantage of some forward momentum on print and digital business by shifting co-founder Joe Diaz into more of a business development role as chief product officer… read more

What We’re Reading

The New York Times// August, 2012

“Afar: Lyrical musings on street food (in Turkey, India, Vietnam) from the chef Susan Feniger. — Jeff Gordinier read more

Join AFAR magazine on an extraordinary journey to South Africa

Emerald Traveler// July, 2012

“Explore Johannesburg, South Africa with AFAR magazine’s founders, editors and writers. Travel through “the city of Gold” and experience the country’s warmth and unique way of life… read more

Oakland teens return from Costa Rica, bringing the ‘pura vida’ back with them July, 2012

“OAKLAND — “Pura vida” is a common expression and greeting in Costa Rica. Literally translated, it means “pure life,” or “full of life” — a message that resonated with a group of Oakland teenagers who recently traveled to the Central American country on a service learning scholarship…read more

What We’re Reading

The New York Times// July, 2012

“Afar: The chef Chris Cosentino, of San Francisco, on where and how he likes to eat when he hits Montreal…read more

Bronx Lab HS Students Help Build Library in Yucatan, Mexico; Project Helped Them “Think Outside of the Box”

Daily News// July, 2012

“Learning AFAR scholarship winners give back to a community not their own…read more

SoLoMo Needs A Curator

MediaPost// July, 2012

“The AFAR app is a gentle reminder of how much can be done with mobile social media if we don’t shackle ourselves to some of the silly conceits of tech pursuits…read more

In the Magazines: July 2012

Fathom// June, 2012

“AFAR On the Cover: Matt Gross visits a Kenyan town where Olympic hopefuls train and runs the Baringo Half Marathon…read more

From East Oakland to Costa Rica: 10 Local Students Chosen for Service and Travel Writing trip

Inside Bay Area// June, 2012

“OAKLAND — The packing list includes a passport, dark clothing for nighttime turtle-watching, newly issued hiking boots and a pair of shoes that will most definitely get soaked in a river…read more

What We’re Reading

The New York Times// June, 2012

Afar: And yes, we have even more bananas: On a journey through Laos years ago, Andy Isaacson impulsively dreamed up a sushi roll involving peanut butter, bananas and sesame seeds…read more

Feed52: A Storied Dish

Food52// June, 2012

One of the best ingredients in a dish is always its history. The food may be able to pull its weight all on its own, but add the story behind it – from where it came, and how – and it’s transformed into something bigger, more meaningful than just a meal…read more

Where Travel Can Take You

Miles to Go// June, 2012

While other travel or lifestyle publications existed, few (if any) actually told powerful, subversive stories about the people and places they profiled…read more

What We’re Reading

The New York Times// June, 2012

Afar: A cheese-laden Caribbean casserole with a fascinating history…read more

Five Flight-tested Travel Pillows

BBC Travel// June, 2012

When it comes to long-haul flights in economy, every traveller has their own strategy for getting comfortable…read more

How One Writer Went from Pitch to Publish

Media Bistro// June, 2012

If there’s one thing editors like writers to have, it’s access to the subject they’re pitching. For Alexis Adams, it was her experience living in a Greek village…read more

Travel reading recommendation: AFAR magazine, “Where travel can take you”

Emerald Traveler // May, 2012

AFAR is the finest travel magazine I’ve discovered of late…read more

How To Move Up The Magazine Masthead

Media Bistro // May, 2012

7 tried-and-true tactics you’ll need to reach the top…read more

Cambodia’s Siem Reap: Same-Same, But Different

7×7 // May, 2012

The otherworldly feel of ancient ruins and deep jungles at Siem Reap. The burgeoning arts and culture scene in Phnom Penh. Miles of pristine coastline in Kep. This is Cambodia today…read more

Taste Makers

The Travel Curator // May, 2012

The Amalfi coast is best by water. Stay at Hotel Santa Caterina for an authentic, warm , delicious and pampering experience… read more

How to Pitch: AFAR

Media Bistro // May, 2012

Celebrate global diversity with a story on local culture… read more

It’s in the Bag

Kate Spade // April, 2012

whether you’re off to a sunny vacation in paradise or simply planning to unplug for the afternoon at your local beach, run for the sun with these warm weather must-haves, handpicked by the travel experts at fathom… read more

Travel Editors Round Table

Travel Weekly // April, 2012

At the invitation of Travel Weekly, the chief editors of Afar, Budget Travel, Conde Nast Traveler, National Geographic Traveler, and Travel + Leisure and the leisure travel editor of USA today convened in New York earlier this year for the seventh annual Travel Weekly Consumer Travel Editors Roundtable… read more

Find Exciting Activities by Viewing Other Travelers Trip Highlights

PSFK // April, 2012

The AFAR mobile app is a tool for sharing, curating, and discovering travel experiences with a community. Users can browse or submit their own ‘Highlights,’ which are short descriptions with a photo that are geo-tagged by location. These stories provide information for travelers and help bring the experience to life… read more

AFAR Mag Taps Instagram Vibe For Travel Sharing App

Min Online // April, 2012

A great example of how to leverage the expertise and enthusiasm of your audience to polish, tame and curate an otherwise messy social media genre. This is something closer to a travel Instagram but with editorial direction and user-generated quality… read more

Travel Talk With Joe Diaz, Co-Founder of AFAR

The Cultureist // April, 2012

Up until a few years ago, the concept of experiential travel was rarely identified; it was more of a notion carried by a specific tribe of travelers who understood the importance of becoming a part of the journey, rather than just an onlooker passing through. It wasn’t until the launch of AFAR Media that the concept became a buzzword among the travel community… read more

Julia’s Very Short List

Very Short List // April, 2012

Julia Cosgrove shares a VERY SHORT LIST of things that inspire her… read more

The 2012 FOLIO: 40

FolioMag // April, 2012

Greg Sullivan and co-founder / Associate Publisher Joseph Diaz launched Afar magazine in 2009, at a time when all bets were against print—successfully defying the odds with a unique readership proposition not being addressed by the travel media category: Experiential Travel… read more

5 Helpful Travel Websites with Exquisite User-Interfaces

AirTreks // March, 2012

Sure AFAR may be primarily a travel magazine, but they’ve been making great inroads as a web destination, redesigning their website into a sleek and sumptuous media machine… read more

Sightless in Cairo

The Guardian // March, 2012

Being blind didn’t deter Ryan Knighton from visiting Egypt in the chaotic aftermath of the Arab Spring. But it did make him wonder how everyone else gets around… read more

What We’re Reading

New York Times // March, 2012

A trip to Vietnam to pick up a few tips from hard-working street vendors. — Jeff Gordinier… read more

How Locals Spend a Sunday: Looking Afar and Wide in West Oakland

Fathom // March, 2012

WEST OAKLAND, California – Coffee roasteries, modern soul food, funky used bookstores, and markets as far as the eye can see… read more

Fathom Questionnaire: Julia Cosgrove

Fathom // March, 2012

AFAR’s editor in chief shares her bizarre travel rituals, in-flight relaxation regimes, and favorite hotel amenities… read more

What We’re Reading

New York Times // March, 2012

‘What is happening in Charleston at this very moment is profound and important,’ the Mississippi chef John Currence says of the culinary boom in that South Carolina city… read more

What We’re Reading

New York Times // March, 2012

Insight from the chef Julian Medina on breakfast, street food and grasshopper tacos in Oaxaca… read more

What We’re Reading

New York Times // March, 2012

A quest for wild greens in Greece, and a recipe for hearty hortopita… read more

Editor of Afar travels the world by magazine

SF Gate // March, 2012

Modern magazine startups involve 10 geeks sitting at one conference table with their laptops open. There is no paper product, and there never will be. So it comes as an anachronistic surprise to walk into Afar Media, in San Francisco’s Jackson Square, and see page proofs pinned to a wall… read more

The 100 Best, Most Interesting Blogs and Websites of 2012 (Categorized)

Daily Tekk // February, 2012

Daily Tekk picks AFAR as their number one travel site… read more

What We’re Reading

New York Times // February, 2012

A little Champagne shack right on the ski slopes in Switzerland: Now, that’s living… read more

Experiential travelers get more with new iPhone app

Gadling // February, 2012

Experiential travel is growing as travelers seek to enrich their lives with a collection of experiences. For experiential travelers, just seeing the sights is no longer enough. They want to go beyond the tourist areas and immerse themselves… read more

I want to go to there: Discover the love of travel with Afar’s new iPhone app

Venture Beat // February, 2012

For those of us who’ve always dreamed of traveling more, but need a bit of inspiration, Afar’s new iPhone app may be just the ticket. Afar — which began as a travel magazine before hitting the web — is focused on experiential travel. Consider it the antidote to touristy travel guidebooks and sites like TripAdvisor… read more

AFAR A Standout in 2011 Newsstand Sales

Folio // February, 2012

Some standout highs (and lows) from ABC’s FAS FAX: southern lifestyle magazine Garden & Gun’s single copy sales leaped almost 46 percent in second half 2011 to 20,083. Afar’s total paid and verified numbers shot up almost 73 percent to 140,708 in the last six months of 2011…read more

Afar Media Names New Vice President of Marketing/CMO

PR Web // January, 2012

Ellen Asmodeo-Giglio, Executive Vice President and Publisher of AFAR Media, has announced that Dinesh Kapoor has joined AFAR as Vice President/Chief Marketing Officer…read more


Fathom // January, 2012

“AFAR has a smart, responsible, and engaging take on the world. We like to think we’re kindred spirits.” — Berit read more

For Your Consideration

The Pacific Northwest Inlander // January, 2012

There aren’t many Caribbean cruises or remote island getaways in AFAR. The bimonthly travel magazine emphasizes immersion, not escape — the latest issue features stories on rock climbing in Cuba, remaking Cairo, and reconciling with one’s brother in Quebec… read more

In the Magazines: January 2012

Fathom // January, 2012

A new year means new trips and new discoveries. The possibilities are endless… read more

Travel smarter this year

Culture Map // January, 2012

With its multi-platform media approach, AFAR not only publishes a beautiful magazine of lust-worthy locales, it offers a robust online offering as well. Their model is based on the idea that when it comes to visiting a new place, people would rather hear first-hand accounts… read more

Fodor’s 2011 Gift Guide

Fodor’s // December, 2011

What It Is: Afar magazine ($20; 1-year subscription) doesn’t just tell its readers about global hot spots, but informs them about the cultures, the sites, and the local flavors of the destinations they cover. If you don’t have a trip planned, a subscription to this travel magazine will provide instant inspiration… read more

What We’re Reading

The New York Times // December, 2011

Afar: A pumpkin baked in a blazing fire. Sweetbreads and blood sausage. Frosty caipirinhas. Here’s what pastry chef Caitlin Freeman found on a trip to Uruguay… read more

Where they ate: chefs’ and food/travel writers’ best meals of 2011

Gadling // December, 2011

I ate well this year. Maybe better than any other year. I spent a week in Hoi An, Vietnam eating cau lau–an obscure noodle dish that technically can only be made in the small coastal town. I ate my way through Barcelona… read more

In the Magazines: December 2011 // December, 2011

Tis the season for good food, great gifts, and expiring vacation days. From Christmas in Venice to Hanukkah in Jerusalem — our favorite magazines have suggestions for every type of traveler… read more

Sloane Crosley on Her New Essay

NY Mag // December, 2011

As we recently discussed, e-books are opening up the idea of exactly how long a book should be. Tomorrow, Amazon will publish another marquee writer through its Kindle Singles program, book publicist turned essayist Sloane Crosley… read more

Forms of identification: Julia Cosgrove

BBC Travel // November, 2011

Irreverent responses from our favourite travel ninjas… read more

What We’re Reading

New York Times // November, 2011

The U.S. has hot dogs; South Africa has bunny chow. Made of a hollowed-out loaf of bread filled with vegetarian or meat curry, the beloved—and rabbit-free—street food is ubiquitous throughout the country. The dish originated in… read more

What We’re Reading

New York Times // November, 2011

Afar: “Four hours north of Boston, along a stretch of rugged coastline in Lincolnville, Maine, there’s a place for people like me… read more

In the Magazines: November 2011 // October, 2011

It’s a month for superlatives, from the Best of the World to the Best in the World, with stops at Best American Cities. Happy globetrotting with our favorite magazines: Afar… read more

A Trailblazing Travel Mag

Publishing Executive // September, 2011

Using a social networking strategy, travel brand Afar has found a way to the hearts of an engaged, affluent audience—with advertisers along for the ride… read more

In Egypt, getting beyond ‘otherness’

Travel Weekly // September 19, 2011

As I write this, I’m in Cairo. Two nights ago, a group of protesters tore down a newly installed wall outside the Israeli Embassy. Some of the gang somehow gained access to the embassy on the 13th floor, where they ransacked the offices. This was a serious breach of international law… read more

AFAR Sees 334% Growth, Ups Frequency

Media Industry News // September 16, 2011

AFAR Media says that its Sept./Oct. issue represents a 334% increase in ad revenue over the same issue on 2010. With 60.16 ad pages this issue vs. 23 last year, the take for the issue was over $1 million. In fact the issue revenue exceeded the income from all 2010 issues combined… read more


Deals, Advice and the Best Raksmorgas in Stockholm

New York Times // SEptember 13, 2011

When I moved into my apartment in New York five years ago, I swore I was going to change all the old-lady light fixtures and install some swank, contemporary, masculine illumination… read more

What We’re Reading

New York Times // August 22, 2011

A collection of links by the reporters and editors of the Dining section. Bon Appétit: If René Redzepi could eat anywhere in the world, he’d go to Jarpen, in northwestern Sweden, for a meal at Faviken… read more

Crowd-Sourcing for Travel Advice

New York Times // August 17, 2011

LOOKING back at my favorite vacation spots, several have one vital thing in common: they were suggested by friends. Ten years ago, a tip from my good friend Amy allowed me to experience Tulum well before the crowds arrived. And my husband’s former roommate… read more

Adventures In Travel

Travel Savvy // February 22, 2010

Greg Sullivan is a globe trotting serial entrepreneur. Together with co-founder Joe Diaz, Greg launched AFAR Media for those interested in experiential travel… read more

What was Andrew McCarthy doing in Ethiopia? // February 9, 2010

Hmmm. Andrew McCarthy — yes, the Brat Pack actor — was detained by a gunman in Ethiopia while on assignment for a new travel magazine… read more

Andrew McCarthy Detained in Ethiopia // February 8, 2010

Andrew McCarthy had a harrowing experience while on assignment for the travel magazine Afar recently, as he was escorted at gunpoint out of an historic underground church for intruding without documentation… read more

Andrew McCarthy Held at Gunpoint in Ethiopia // February 8, 2010

Times sure have changed for ’80s heartthrob Andrew McCarthy. While penning a piece for travel magazine AFAR, the actor was detained at gunpoint after entering an Ethiopian church without proper documentation… read more

Lipstick Jungle Star Andrew McCarthy Detained in Ethiopia // February 8, 2010

Weekend at Bernie’s, this wasn’t. Andrew McCarthy had a harrowing experience while on assignment for the travel magazine Afar recently… read more