AFAR believes that travel can change the world.

AFAR is the world’s leading travel media brand that inspires and guides travelers to have deeper, richer, and more meaningful experiences. We value a deep sense of cultural immersion and exploration and have been recognized for our vibrant and authentic travel photography. We don’t shy away from presenting places as they really are and we celebrate global diversity in all forms.
Our brand platforms include the award-winning AFAR Magazine,; our nonprofit Learning AFAR, and our immersive travel series, AFAR Experiences.

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Edited for an affluent and sophisticated audience, AFAR attracts highly engaged readers who have both the desire and the means to pursue the luxury of experience.

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We’re proud of the team we have but are always looking for talented people who can offer new perspectives and experience.

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AFAR Ambassadors

AFAR Ambassadors are seasoned writers, photographers, videographers, and influencers who share AFAR’s passion for experiential travel.

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AFAR Experiences

The most seasoned travelers can go to a city and walk the streets, visit the museums, and eat at well-known restaurants. But with AFAR Experiences, you’ll travel deeper by walking with the city planners, seeing art with the curators, and eating with the chefs.

Receive unparalleled access to the beating heart of these off-the-beaten-path cities. Spend one-on-one time and travel alongside the founders and editors of AFAR – travel visionaries and experts behind our award-winning experiential travel content.

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Learning AFAR

No Barriers Youth and AFAR Media share a similar vision: to make the life-changing power of authentic experiential travel available to all students regardless of their social and economic background.

Learning AFAR is a travel scholarship program for students from low-income backgrounds and for those with mixed abilities. Driven by the belief that travel is the best education, its goal is to make it possible that all youth have the opportunity to explore their world, realize their potential, and transform their communities through their experiences. Since Learning AFAR was founded, we have sent more than 1,300 young people on transformative trips to places like Cambodia, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Peru.

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